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It's a very loose connection of four guys who live in four different towns in three different states who never see each other except to play. What you'll find on this site are audio and video transcripts of some of those play times. It may seem too obvious that this music is about a certain kind of recklessness. This is not reckless behavior. This is not reckless playing. It is a freedom that translates into playing without protection. Gerry Moss and Paul Hughes are very different kinds of guitarists. It's not comfortable. It's not cozy. They are guys in their majority who play with joy and abandon trying to avoid collisions. Jerry Bone and John Ware ( are a rythym section and society of two who enjoy maneuvers in the backfield and are on the lookout for grooves. This band is all about performance without scripts. The site will show some past events and announce some in the future. Most of the documents to be shared will be video.

Members include: Gerry Moss on guitar, Paul Hughes on guitar, John Ware on drums, and Jerry Bone on bass.

For more info, contact John Ware at

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